Jag läser en kurs på Uppsala universitet som heter "Inkludering och exkludering i specialpedagogiska sammanhang. Sitter och läser kurslitteratur, bl.a. olika artiklar. Har just stött på ett citat som jag gärna vill dela med mig av. Citatet hänvisar till Comenius i diskussionen kring olika pedagogiska synsätt inom skolan.
"That what is the aptitudes of one is unfamiliar to the other. The natural character of plants, trees, and animals is diverse and some wants to be treated in one way, others in another, and everything does not permit itself to be used in one and the same way. That is also the nature of human aptitudes... If the teacher thus is the servant of nature and not its master, if he can form but not transform nature, he must not urge on, when a pupil sets about something that is absolutely not in his nature."
(Göransson, K. (2006). Pedagogical traditions and conditions for inclusive education. Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research, Vol. 8, No. 1. s. 71)

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